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We reinterpret the ‘heimish’ flavors of home as new, sophisticated, and exciting cuisine for all 8 days of Pesach.

It is with pleasure that we welcome back the popular Weiss Brothers of Nesher Catering to Gateways Pesach 2018. Stars in the world of gourmet, the Weiss Brothers are famed for infusing fresh boldness into traditional favorites, reinterpreting the heimish flavors of home as new, sophisticated, and exciting cuisine. With over twelve superb years of success to draw on, the Weiss’s will once again be creating an extraordinary dining experience of glorious, luxurious flavors and tastes to entice and enchant.

All offerings will be Glatt Kosher, Cholov Yisroel, and non-gebrokts, using ONLY Chasidishe Shechita and Shmura Matzah, and under the supervision of the KAJ. An assortment of fresh vegetables and fruit will accompany every meal, as will a tasteful selection of wines and liquors. Both meat and parve entrees will be offered with Shabbos and Yom Tov menus.

Look forward to the exotic piquancy of Chinese Night, the passionate spice of Mexican Night, the fabulous Midnight Chocolate Madness and Viennese tables of delectable decadence!

Each day will be ushered in with a bountiful hot breakfast buffet, and gourmet meat or pareve box lunches will be available to take along for off-grounds Chol HaMoed expeditions.

A child-friendly menu will delight even the youngest diners – as will child-friendly mealtime hours. The Children’s Dining Room opens before official meal times, just when little tummies are the most hungry… so that your kids can enjoy their Pesach as much as you are!

The Weiss’s know that adults can get peckish too, and so will be offering a lavish tea room bristling with healthy snacks, fresh fruit, frozen confections, sweets, and hot and cold drinks.

Every effort is made to welcome guests with special dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, diabetic, low-sodium or non-gluten needs. Please do let us know ahead of time how we can accommodate you. For those celebrating a special occasion during Pesach, birthday and anniversary cakes will be available upon arrangement.

All food is certified KOSHER by KAJ.

All food is certified KOSHER by KAJ.

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